Ice Age Wolf Jaw (Canis lupus)

Ice Age Wolf Jaw (Canis lupus)

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A fossilized Jaw of the Pleistocene Grey Wolf showing sharp and elongated teeth, especially the canine tooth which measures ~1-½" long. 

Measurements: ~6-3/4" long x 3" tall x 1" deep 

Location: Rhine River, Germany

Time Period: Pleistocene Epoch / Ice Age / ~ 100,000 Y.O.

More Information

Canis lupus, the Pleistocene Grey Wolf, was the Ice Age species that first gave rise to a domestic population. They survived long after many other large mammals in that time period by changing their diet. Research shows that they adapted their diet over thousands of years, shifting from hunting horses primarily in the Ice Age to Caribou and Moose in more modern times.