Where is the store located?

711 Main Street in Evanston, Illinois. We were once located across the street but have been at this new location since 2015.

How long has the store existed?

Dave\'s Down to Earth Rock Shop first opened in 1970. To read more about the history of the shop and museum, click here.

Where is Dave?

Dave Douglass is now retired in the Southwestern United States. The company has stayed in the family and is now owned by James and Susanne (pronounced \"Susana\") Ali.

What is the price range of items sold at this store?

There are a large variety of sizes and types of stones sold here, ranging from 50 cents to thousands of dollars.

Where do the specimens come from?

We go to a number of rock and fossils shows and buy from personal and professional collections several times a year. Vendors are from all over the world so the exact location depends on the specimen.

Could I sell items from my personal collection to the store?

To sell items to the store, please email us at rockshop1@att.net with images and dimensions of your pieces and the store owners will get back to you with further steps.