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  • Imilac Meteorite with Display Stand

    Imilac Meteorite with Display Stand


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    Laden with Olivine crystals, this Imilac slice is truly exceptional. The specimen is etched on one side, and highly polished on the other. There's not much more we can say, as the photo speaks for itself. The specimen comes with a small magnetic display stand. Or, it would look awesome if displayed on an led light tablet.

  • AAA Quality Dominican Republic Amber

    AAA Quality Dominican Republic Amber


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    This significantly sized amber specimen was polished only on its front, allowing for the rear side's natural crackling to shine through, giving the piece an amazing aesthetic look. One of our favorite amber pieces.

  • Kingman Turquoise Pendant

    Kingman Turquoise Pendant


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    Beautiful combination of a great piece of Kingman Turquoise along with intricate silver work by Navajo artist Thomas Francisco.

  • Blue Zircon Necklace

    Blue Zircon Necklace


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    Variation of blue hued natural 4mm Zircon faceted beads make up this necklace strung on silk with knotting every 10 beads or so. Overall length of the necklace is 19-1/4" which includes a 2-1/8" sterling silver extender along with 16-3/4" of Zircon beads and a sterling silver clasp.

  • Polished Fluorite Octahedron

    Polished Fluorite Octahedron


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    Polished octahedrons with colors varying from green to blue to purple in each piece. Each piece of fluorite will be unique in color combinations. We hope you'll entrust us to select a fine specimen for you.

  • Flourite from Morocco

    Flourite from Morocco


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    Very defined, cubic development with light purple Fluorite coloration, nestled under a flowing bed of Barite make this simple specimen an aesthetically pleasing piece.

  • Labradorite "Palmstones"

    Labradorite "Palmstones"


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    Labradorite flashes different colors as you turn these large tumbled stones in the light. Colors vary from blue to yellow to purple. to blue. Each piece is unique. At the time of purchase, we will choose the best one available.

  • Showpiece Citrine Specimen

    Showpiece Citrine Specimen


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    This large, natural citrine point is quite a showpiece, displaying excellent coloration, and perfect edging and tip. Truly a gem.

  • Shattuckite Gem Box

    Shattuckite Gem Box


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    We are proud to offer exceptionally well crafted gemstone keepsake boxes, in this developing category. Every box in this category is uniquely handcrafted in St. Petersburg Russia, by the most well known artist, in his field, using the finest materials.

  • Amethyst Showpiece!

    Amethyst Showpiece!


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    Just look at this deep purple Amethyst specimen, with an undulating bed of large crystal development. This specimen would be awesome even without the layered calcite crystal. Truly a showpiece, for any home or office.

  • Stunning Multi-colored Tourmaline necklace

    Stunning Multi-colored Tourmaline necklace


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    If it appears these stones are simply too clear to be real, you'd be mistaken! We were fortunate to come across a strand of these fabulous Tourmaline stones, each so vibrant in color and clarity, they almost look like candy. The necklace is strung on silk with a knot between each stone. The adjustable sterling silver chain and clasp allows one to wear the piece from 18" to 22".

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