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  • CORONA-SALE!  10% off $25 Gift Certificates

    CORONA-SALE! 10% off $25 Gift Certificates


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    To help folks out during this tough time, we're offering 10% off all our gift certificates! We have gift certificates in $25 increments, up to $100, all 10% off!

  • Awesome Placoderm / "Armored Fish"

    Awesome Placoderm / "Armored Fish"


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    One of favorite's. We've never offered a Placodermi / Armored fish, until now. The preparation is exquisite, with every bit of matrix meticulously removed, even from the specimen's eye bones. Quality specimens like this are rare.

  • (4) Meteorite Cufflinks from Sweden

    (4) Meteorite Cufflinks from Sweden


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    Quite a conversation piece. These stunning sterling silver cufflinks have a slice of Muonionalusta Meteorite covered with a thin slice of quartz, which helps highlight the Widmanstätten pattern.

  • Palacite Pendant from Sericho, Kenya

    Palacite Pendant from Sericho, Kenya


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    Sterling silver bezel set Sericho Meteorite pendant from Kenya, with an 18" sterling silver box chain.The meteorite has been highly polished on one side. On the other side, it has been acid treated to help bring out its natural Widmanstätten pattern.The olivine crystals are light orange.

  • 5mm Emerald Studs In 18K Gold

    5mm Emerald Studs In 18K Gold


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    AAA quality 5mm square cut Emerald stud earrings, set in 18 karat yellow gold. Stunning!

  • Awesome Agate Bookends

    Awesome Agate Bookends


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    This awesome Agate bookend set displays a dark agate exterior, framing the main quartz body. This dissolves into a grayish blue agate interior which finalizes with a natural druzy citrine center accented with hematite.

  • Jimbacrinus Bostocki / Australian Crinoid

    Jimbacrinus Bostocki / Australian Crinoid


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    Like a Sentinel from the movie "The Matrix", this bizarre looking Crinoid is quite an impressive and unique specimen. Jimbacrinus Bostocki had five tentacle like arms it used for grabbing small sea creatures and other particles to feed upon.

  • AWESOME Jurassic Pyritized Ammonites

    AWESOME Jurassic Pyritized Ammonites


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    These Jurassic pyritized ammonites are just amazing, displaying great chamber retention filled with calcite and pyrite. The photos really doesn't do this specimen justice Included is a set of acrylic stands for display.

  • Ammolite Specimen

    Ammolite Specimen


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    Arguably displaying a more beautiful 'play-of-light' than opal, this specimen is no exception having every color in the rainbow.This Ammolite section must have come from a large Ammonite, as it appears to be a piece from one of the creatures side ridges. The specimen stands up by itself for display.

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