Grape Agate, Indonesia

Grape Agate, Indonesia

Quick Overview

One of our larger specimens of Grape Agate that we have available. This piece has sparkling druzy botryoidal crystals, even and vivid coloration, and can be displayed from many sides/angles. A gorgeous example of this fairly new material. 

Measurements: ~6-3/4" long x 5" wide x 4-1/2" deep 

Location: Indonesia

More Information

Grape Agate is the market name given to botryoidal purple chalcedony from Indonesia. It gets its name from its appearance, the tiny purple to blue quartz grown in spherical formation. It is not a true agate due to the lack of banding in the stone. It is a fairly new mineral to the market, first appearing for sale around 2015. This mineral is the result of ancient volcanic lava which cooled in seawater and created a pocketed stone. Mineral rich water seeped into these pockets and grew the crystal in grape-like formation. The color is due to the blue hue in the clay.