Early Elephant (Gomphotherium), Tooth

Early Elephant (Gomphotherium), Tooth

Quick Overview

A beautifully preserved fossil tooth from the prehistoric Elephant. The coloration and enamel luster is top quality, with long and solid root extensions. It appears to have some gray/blue vivianite mineralization along the top of the tooth. The unique fossil tooth is displayed on a custom made metal stand for easy display!

Measurements on stand: ~7-½" tall x 6" wide x 3" deep 

Location: Bosnia

Time Period: Miocene ~16-15 MYO

More Information

Gomphotherium, which means “Welded Beast”, was a prehistoric Elephant that was given its name from the long tusks on their lower jaw. They actually had 4 tusks, two upper and two lower, and teeth with high ridges. They were a successful group of mammals with many species and spanned nearly worldwide.