Quick Overview

Pyrite and Barite Crystals that have grown in a beautiful, almost flower-like shape! 

Measurements: ~2 tall x 2" wide x 3-1/4" long 

Location: Lubin Mine, Poland 

More Information

Barite and Marcasite specimens are collected from the Lubin Mine in Poland. Barite colors range from brown to white/beige depending on conditions and composition of minerals present during formation. Marcasite is silver-gold colored and upon closer inspection shows crystaline terminations.

The Lubin Mine in the Southwestern part of Poland was discovered and developed during the 1960's, and still produces copper and silver today. In 2011 a large fault in the mine was discovered. Upon further exploration a cave was discovered where the walls were covered with kidney-shaped barite "balls", each of which was coated in a layer of colorful and sparkling marcasite crystals. Only a small amount of Marcasite with Barite specimens were mined, before the cavity was filled with concrete.